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Core Laboratories at Meharry Medical College

This is a summary list of all core laboratories at Meharry Medical College . The list includes links to more detailed information, which may also be found using the eagle-i search app.

Endocrine core


The Endocrine Core Laboratory is a fully accredited, CLIA approved, endocrine testing facility funded by the Meharry Medical College Clinical Research Center, U54 Reproductive Health Grants, and institutional resources. The Endocrine Core Lab performs a comprehensive list of routine and specialized endocrine tests on blood samples for government funded investigators... A full staff of board certified clinical endocrinologists and clinical scientists are available for consultation and interpretation of test results.

Flow Cytometry and BSL3 Core


The FACS Core provides a state-of-the-art multi parameter flow cytometry and biosafty level 3 facility on the Meharry Medical College campus. The facility performs flow cytometry analysis, provides expertise in implementing and developing technologies for cell analysis, and provides training to investigators in the use of the instrumentation and in the interpretation of data analysis

Human Tissue Acquistion and Pathology Core


The Human Tissue & Pathology Core provides tissue collection and storage services and access to human tissue, histology services, and specialized equipment. The Core collects human tissues prospectively from routine surgical resections and autopsies for use in basic, translational, and clinical research. Only remnant tissue samples not needed for diagnostic purposes are collected. Tissues are available fresh, snap frozen, or in a variety of fixatives, and normal, neoplastic, and other diseased tissues are available. Histology services include paraffin embedding, paraffin sectioning, automated Hematoxylin and Eosin staining, frozen sectioning, special stains, immunohistochemistry and other specialized processing and sectioning services.

Microarray and Bioinformatics Core


The Meharry Microarray and Bioinformatics Core (MMBC) provides state of the art training, instrumentation, services and bioinformatics-driven data analysis to the Meharry Community in microarray experimental design, manipulation, and gene expression analysis.

We also aid investigators and trainees in validation of microarray results using RNA QA/QC and real time PCR results.

Finally, this Core Resource aids Meharry investigators and trainees with high performance computation in proteomics as well as genomics. Gene and protein pathways analysis and shotgun proteomics (mass spectrometry) analysis are just two more of the services that we provide.

It is our aim to keep this facility up to date computationally and intellectually with state of the art “Omics” services to support education and research in microarray, genomics and proteomics data analysis, computational biology, and systems biology.

Molecular Biology Core Facility


The Molecular Biology Core Facility at Meharry Medical College is a multi-functional facility that provides to faculty, students, and staff of the college the primary service of DNA sequencing but also provides access to shared equipment housed in a centralized location and facilitates convenient and rapid access to frequently used molecular biological reagents.

The Molecular Biology Core houses a number of shared items of research instrumentation. The core also maintains an Invitrogen Supply Center that stocks many routinely used reagents for molecular biological research.

The major service activities of the Molecular Biology Core are to provide training and technical assistance with the use of shared equipment housed in the core and provide convenient access to molecular biological reagents. Training in the proper use of equipment is provided by the Laboratory Coordinator and also as needed by vendor technical personnel. The core maintains in-house freezers and supply cabinets stocked with many commonly used molecular biological reagents from Invitrogen. In-house reagents are ordered online from Invitrogen and picked up from stocks housed in the core. Invitrogen items not stocked in the core can be ordered online without shipping charges.

Morphology Core


It is the mission of the Meharry Medical College Morphology Core to provide the expertise and state-of-the-art instrumentation necessary to facilitate and enhance the productivity of Meharry’s investigators and trainees in the areas of fluorescence and bright-field microscopy and immunohistochemistry. This core strives to accomplish this by offering consultation on instrumentation and experimental design, training on instrumentation, and collaboration opportunities. We do our utmost to stay on the cutting edge of technology, skills, and knowledge in the field.

Proteomics Core


Our Proteomics Core aids investigators and trainees with high performance computation in proteomics, as well as other "omics" type applications needing efficient analysis of large-scale biological data sets. The ability to incorporate proteomics into translational and clinical biomedical research is critical for the discovery of therapeutic interventions and high fidelity biomarkers of disease and response to therapy. The Core provides state-of-the-art services, training, and bioinformatics-driven data analysis to the Meharry translational research community.

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